Yoga Therapy Associates

A progressive approach to complementary health care


Yoga therapy is the next wave in integrative health care. 

Yoga Therapy Associates accepts referrals from medical practitioners and mental health clinicians for the treatment of physical and mental health conditions using yoga therapy.

We offer continuing education courses and integrative health trainings so you and your staff can learn how to apply yoga therapy techniques in your private practice.

We administer yoga therapy for individuals suffering from physical and mental health conditions that are often not responsive to Western interventions alone.

Yoga therapy notes

Who We Serve

Medical Providers

Refer your patients for yoga therapy.


Mental Health Clinicians

Get training and continuing education. Refer your clients for yoga therapy.


We provide one-on-one yoga therapy for individuals in Connecticut or via telehealth.

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“Yoga Therapy Associates did a workshop on clinical applications of yoga therapy for trauma with our mental health clinicians. They did an exceptional job of explaining how yoga can be both used as a stand-alone treatment and incorporated into other therapy modalities while working with clients who have experienced trauma. They presented an excellent balance of theory and concrete practices that our clinicians could use in sessions and demonstrated skill and knowledge around both the psychological and physiological aspects of trauma through their teachings. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Jennifer Czincz, Ph.D.

“Christine did a wonderful job presenting a ‘Yoga for Anxiety’ workshop to our team of mental health professionals.  Several of our therapists are also yoga instructors and the entire team was impressed with the quality of her material, and the professionalism she showed during the presentation.

I would strongly recommend Christine and her work to anyone looking to enhance therapeutic modalities beyond traditional talk therapy.”

Ryan McGetrick
Rise Therapy and Wellness, LLC

“[Yoga Therapy Associates] has been a wonderful resource for my patients. As their primary mental health provider, I have seen patients make tremendous gains when adding yoga therapy to their treatment.

Patients learn new ways to connect to their bodies, calm their minds and regulate their emotions. Christine teaches simple and effective techniques that her clients can use at home. She is easy to collaborate with and has a unique perspective that provides therapists with new insights into their patient’s struggles. I highly recommend working with [Yoga Therapy Associates.]”

Michelle M. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Owner, Licensed Psychologist
LifeCatalyst Therapy and Coaching