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Christine Saari Yoga Therapy Associates

Christine Saari

Christine Saari, MA, E-RYT 200, C-BDYT is a practicing yoga therapist working with a diverse roster of pediatric and adult clients in-person in New Haven and Guilford. Christine is grateful to be part of this emerging field providing complementary health options that empower people to take a leading role in their own healing process. Check out Christine’s Yoga Therapy blog to read about the latest findings and discover home practices, or visit www.christinesaari.com.

Sara Merrick-Albano Yoga Therapy Associates

Sara Merrick-Albano

Sara Merrick-Albano, E-RYT 500, C-BDYT is a yoga therapist, passionate about using yoga to help people restore balance to their lives. She provides individual guidance and a customized yoga practice using the tools yoga offers in ways that align with her clients’ goals. She works privately with individuals and in small groups on Zoom and in-person in New Haven and Trumbull. Read more about Sara at www.inwavesyoga.com.

Yoga Therapy Associates was formed as a partnership between Sara and Christine in 2022. Sara and Christine met through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy, where they discovered a mutual calling to expand access to individualized yoga therapy services for those suffering from mental health conditions.

Yoga Therapy Associates aims to implement yoga therapy programs as complementary therapy within organizations and institutions, to provide integrative health education services, and to connect individuals suffering from mental health conditions with qualified yoga therapists.

Yoga therapists use traditional practices based on current neuroscience research, supported by a growing body of clinical evidence demonstrating the efficacy of these treatments. Yoga Therapy Associates accepts referrals for pediatric and adult clients seeking complementary therapy for conditions including anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, addiction, OCD, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, trauma, cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and heart disease.

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