About Yoga Therapy Associates

Mission & Vision

At Yoga Therapy Associates, we are anchored in a deep respect for the individual and their unique healing journey. We seamlessly blend timeless yoga principles with trauma-informed practices and contemporary neuroscience research.

Our primary goal is to expand access to individualized yoga therapy for those navigating physical and mental health conditions. More than just providing a service, we are committed to advocating for the integration of yoga therapy within healthcare.

We facilitate medical referrals for yoga therapy, implement yoga therapy programs within institutions, offer continuing education for medical and mental health clinicians, and connect individuals with skilled yoga therapists.

By fostering collaboration with clients, medical professionals, and partners, we set pioneering standards in yoga therapy. All our efforts are grounded in trust, presence, and compassionate care. We envision a future where doctors and healthcare professionals globally recognize the value of yoga therapy, making it a routine part of comprehensive patient-centered medical care.

Founding Partners

About Christine Saari headshot

Christine Saari

Christine Saari, MA, E-RYT 200, C-IAYT

Navigating her own path through anxiety and trauma has instilled in Christine a deep-seated passion for helping others find their way. As a co-founder of Yoga Therapy Associates, Christine specializes in aiding those with anxiety and trauma, emphasizing practices that are both empowering and approachable. Her strength lies in her ability to listen and adapt, individualizing yoga therapy to resonate with each person’s unique needs and preferences. Offering online and in-person sessions in Madison and New Haven, Christine’s approach is a blend of empathy, expertise, and genuine desire to guide others towards healing.

About Sara Merrick-Albano headshot

Sara Merrick-Albano

Sara Merrick-Albano, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

With a gentle spirit and a firm belief in yoga’s transformative potential, Sara is dedicated to guiding those facing chronic pain and psychosomatic pain disorders. As a co-founder of Yoga Therapy Associates, her vision is clear: to make the healing essence of yoga accessible and resonant. With a tailored approach that draws from traditional yoga practices infused with contemporary neuroscience insights, Sara offers specialized online yoga therapy. She also sees clients in person in Watertown and Trumbull. Her commitment is to each individual’s journey, ensuring that every session is a step towards holistic wellness.


About Cami Codell headshot

Cami Codell

Cami Codell, E-RYT, C-IAYT candidate, is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist who specializes specializes in trauma-informed therapeutic yoga for mental health, and has experience working with patients in residential psychiatric treatment. She works primarily with tweens, teens, and young adults. Cami’s goal as a yoga therapist is to support kids and teens (and their families) who struggle with trauma, mental illness, and/or eating disorders, using the yoga practice to help them find peace in the way it has for her. Cami offers yoga therapy via telehealth for Yoga Therapy Associates.

Corina Parkmond Yoga Therapist

Corina Parkmond

Corina Parkmond, C-IAYT candidate

Leading with her knowledge and love of yoga, Corina offers a practical approach to yoga therapy through client-centered care. Her approach is evidence-based and inclusive of the client’s experience on their healing journey. Corina believes that the ancient teachings found in yoga offer an individualized route to experience optimal health and well-being. She focuses on supporting clients with mental health conditions, through pregnancy, and those suffering emotional and spiritual disconnect. With a background in kinesiology, Corina is pursuing a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She sees clients at our Watertown and New Haven locations, and by telehealth.