Yoga Therapy

Young person suffering from psychosomatic symptoms
Yoga Therapy For Psychosomatic Conditions

Yoga Therapy For Psychosomatic Conditions

Do you have a health condition that is chronic and seems to have no solution? Have you been to multiple doctors without receiving a satisfactory diagnosis that could explain your symptoms? Read on to discover how yoga therapy is emerging as an evidence-based complementary health care option to empower people to reduce, manage, or even transform their relationship to stress, even finding relief from stubborn health conditions with no obvious medical explanation.

Sara working with a client in a yoga therapy session
What Is Yoga Therapy?

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy offers a unique approach to healing that aims to improve mental and physical health. Yoga therapists guide clients through a range of yoga practices, including movement, breathing, chanting, affirmations, and meditation, which have been clinically proven to be effective in therapeutic settings.

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