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For Clinicians

Take your private practice to the next level with yoga therapy.

Yoga therapy complements the work done in talk therapy. Somatic and breathwork practices empower the client to acquire skills for nervous system regulation and build the capacity for present-centered awareness.

Expand your practice and harness the benefits of an integrative approach to support mental health.

Take your private practice to the next level with yoga therapy.


We Accept Referrals

We rely on referrals from trusted clinical partners to provide complementary mental health care using mind-body therapies.

We are currently accepting new telehealth clients. Send referrals to

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Become A Partner

Consider hiring a yoga therapist to grow your practice. We staff small group practices with yoga therapists trained at the forefront of integrative healthcare research for telehealth and in-house care. Yoga therapists accept HSA funds, OVS reimbursement, private pay rates, and work across state lines.


Continuing Education & Consulting

We offer continuing education courses and integrative health trainings so that you and your staff can learn how to apply yoga therapy techniques in your private practice.

Is Your Client Feeling Stuck Or Struggling With Unexplained Health Issues?

Add yoga therapy to your treatment plan.

Sitting with a yoga therapy client in session practicing meditation

Try Nervous System Regulation

Yoga therapists are experts in breathwork. Specially prescribed breathwork activates the body’s relaxation response. This leads to a decrease in the production of stress hormones, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, and increases parasympathetic nervous system activity. Breathwork promotes relaxation, healing, and optimal functioning of the body and mind.

Refer your clients experiencing  panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and psychosomatic pain.


Try Somatic Work for Trauma

Our yoga therapists have a trauma-informed approach and assist clients in healing trauma directly without the triggering need to recount their story. Instead, the focus is on disrupting patterns, facilitating new interoceptive experiences to promote changes in the brain, and establishing a sense of safety through grounding techniques.

Refer your clients experiencing childhood or chronic trauma, PTSD, acute trauma, and IPV. Contact us if you are experiencing vicarious trauma, burnout, or want to experience these practices for yourself.


Try Meditation for Brain Change

We prioritize identifying the simplest, most accessible, and enjoyable meditation practice for our clients. Meditation helps rewire the brain’s circuitry through new brainwave states, altering brain activity and fostering novel patterns to promote expanded awareness and transformative shifts in perspective.

Refer your clients dealing with addiction, eating disorders, OCD, depression, grief, loss, or challenging life transitions.

Schedule a meeting to learn more about how yoga therapy can help your clients.

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Watch Usha’s story to learn how yoga therapy helped this former law enforcement agent manage anxiety and depression.

Plus, read how clinicians incorporate yoga therapy into their patients’ mental health treatment plans.

“[Yoga Therapy Associates] has been a wonderful resource for my patients. As their primary mental health provider, I have seen patients make tremendous gains when adding yoga therapy to their treatment.

Patients learn new ways to connect to their bodies, calm their minds and regulate their emotions. Christine teaches simple and effective techniques that her clients can use at home. She is easy to collaborate with and has a unique perspective that provides therapists with new insights into their patient’s struggles. I highly recommend working with [Yoga Therapy Associates.]”

Michelle M. Reynolds, Ph.D.
Owner, Licensed Psychologist
LifeCatalyst Therapy and Coaching

“Yoga Therapy Associates did a workshop on clinical applications of yoga therapy for trauma with our mental health clinicians. They did an exceptional job of explaining how yoga can be both used as a stand-alone treatment and incorporated into other therapy modalities while working with clients who have experienced trauma. They presented an excellent balance of theory and concrete practices that our clinicians could use in sessions and demonstrated skill and knowledge around both the psychological and physiological aspects of trauma through their teachings. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Jennifer Czincz, Ph.D.

“Christine did a wonderful job presenting a ‘Yoga for Anxiety’ workshop to our team of mental health professionals.  Several of our therapists are also yoga instructors and the entire team was impressed with the quality of her material, and the professionalism she showed during the presentation.

I would strongly recommend Christine and her work to anyone looking to enhance therapeutic modalities beyond traditional talk therapy.”

Ryan McGetrick
Rise Therapy and Wellness, LLC

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Yoga Therapy Associates Breathwork

How Yoga Therapy Helped A Man Suffering From Anxiety

N.R. was a man in his 20s suffering from anxiety associated with college transitions and the accompanying changes in routine. His symptoms were dominated by episodes of stomach discomfort, lack of appetite, and urinary retention that lasted for several days at a time.

He was referred for yoga therapy by his talk therapist. His previous attempts at managing symptoms included moderation in caffeine and alcohol, taking showers, and reading, but these were not enough at the time of yoga therapy intake. He was preparing to move upon graduation and didn’t want to experience another episode. He was looking for a different way to take charge of his own health.

His yoga therapy treatment plan for home practice included breathwork, gentle movement, and meditation.

After 3 months of practice, he hadn’t had an episode. He moved upon graduation without experiencing any adverse symptoms of anxiety. He felt empowered by his ability to self-manage his symptoms.

Yoga Therapy Associates Breathwork

N.R.’s experience is not atypical.

Our clients often come to us when they exhaust other treatment options. Yoga therapy offers mind-body practices that can be transformative for symptom management.

Upcoming Presentations & Trainings

Yoga Therapy for Functional Seizures
Yale School of Medicine Department of Neurology

Yoga Therapy for Youth Sports Medicine
Yale School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedics

Clinical Applications of Yoga Therapy for Trauma
The Connecticut Women's Consortium

Schedule a meeting to request a presentation for your group.

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Yoga therapy notes

Past Presentations & Trainings

Yoga for Anxiety for Clinicians
October 2022
Presented in-person at WellNet, a clinician networking group hosted at Rise Therapy and Wellness in Madison, CT

Introduction to Clinical Applications of Yoga Therapy for Trauma
January 2023
Presented in-person for clinicians at Yale Sexual Harassment and Assault Response & Education (SHARE), hosted by Anna Seidner Osman, LCSW, and Dr. Jennifer Czincz

Yoga Therapy Frameworks for Applied Pranayama
April 2023
Presented on Zoom for the full staff of clinicians at Yale Mental Health

We Also Offer Online Yoga Classes

In addition to private yoga therapy, we offer weekly online yoga classes. Our classes are taught by certified yoga therapists, and specialized for certain health conditions:

  • Yoga for Anxiety
  • Yoga for Autoimmune Conditions
  • Yoga for Cancer
  • Yoga for Low Back Pain (Disc Herniation & Sciatica)
  • Yoga for Osteoporosis

Group classes provide general yoga practices and are meant for people looking for a yoga class experience.

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A Professional’s Guide to Beating Burnout with Yoga Therapy

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What Is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy offers a unique approach to healing that aims to improve mental and physical health. Yoga therapists guide clients through a range of yoga practices, including movement, breathing, chanting, affirmations, and meditation, which have been clinically proven to be effective in therapeutic settings.

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