Staff Wellness Retreats

Led by certified yoga therapists, our transformative workshops are designed to:

  • address burnout
  • promote rest
  • provide much-needed support to your dedicated staff

By integrating gentle yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, and self-care strategies, our retreats aim to rejuvenate participants, build resilience, and foster a nourishing environment for personal well-being.

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Along with my 3 of my coworkers, I was able to attend “Renew & Reconnect: A Yoga Therapy Retreat for Compassionate Hearts,” held by Christine and Sara. The studio itself was welcoming, some of us had little to no experience with yoga, and Christine and Sara were patient and were able to make accommodations.

It was a great experience, and a much-needed yoga session we did not realize we needed until we were there. The session helped us renew and be able to connect among each other. The yoga session let us be able to pause for a moment, to discuss burnout and how it impacts us in different ways and how to self-assess it. We were able to develop self-care strategies that we can hold with us, we all talked about how refreshed and peaceful we felt afterwards.

I am beyond grateful we were able to attend, thank you so much!

Yoselin Coyotl
Family Centered Services

Since my staff attended “Renew & Reconnect: A Yoga Therapy Retreat for Compassionate Hearts,” I have seen a deeper, more compassionate and supportive connection between them.

They have brought many of the exercises from the retreat into individual and group supervisions, and have been kinder to themselves. This retreat was a necessary and clearly needed break and rebirth for my team. Thank you, Christine and Sara.

Brittany Kennedy, M.S.
Neighborhood Victim Advocacy Director
Family Centered Services

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Reconnect, Refocus, and Rejuvenate

The retreat experience is more than just relaxation; it’s an educational process that reveals the impacts of some of the hidden barriers to achieving a healthy work-life balance and joy in one’s profession. Through thoughtful exploration, our retreats empower your staff to recognize and address these barriers, fostering personal growth and resilience.

All Are Welcome

Our retreats go beyond conventional wellness initiatives, offering an inclusive approach that normalizes and welcomes the experiences of all participants, whether seasoned yogis or beginners taking their first steps onto the mat. True well-being is achieved when everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.

Read more about the yoga therapy approach to burnout here.

A Complete Retreat Package

To enhance your retreat experience, we provide everything your staff will need – from mats to blankets to journals, ensuring they can fully immerse themselves in the rejuvenating atmosphere we’ve crafted.

Retreats are 100% customizable to the needs of your organization.

Join us in creating a retreat that transcends the hustle, fostering an environment where your team can rest, connect, and thrive.

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